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Get Professional Style results when you use a BISSELL deep cleaner to clean carpet.BISSELL deep cleaners are easy to use and have unique features to maximize cleaning.In these video lessons, we'll show youhow to get the best results from using aBISSELL carpet cleaner.

Before you start cleaning, move furnitureand clear the room.It's a good idea to vacuum carpets first,to remove debris and pet hair.For best results in removing stains, pretreat any stains and spotson the carpet using a BISSELL PreTreat formula.Now you're ready to fill the tank. It's easy.Just remove the 2-in-1 tank and carry it toyour sink.Fill the formula tank with hot tap water.Measure and add BISSELL machine formula to the clean water and you're all set .

The large capacity 2-in-1 tankmeans fewer trips to the sinkand easy filling and emptying.To get started, plug in and press the powerbutton to turn the machine on.Recline the handle,then, holding down the trigger, make one slow wet pass forward and back.Release the trigger and make a dry pass overthe same pathto suction up any residual dirty water.Repeat the cleaning passes until the liquidbeing pulled up looks clean.Then make a few more dry passes to pull asmuch liquid as possible.

How does it work?BISSELL's advanced cleaning formula is injected deep into your carpet fibers.Dual rotating brushes agitate and loosen harmfuldirt and ground-in grit.Then, powerful suction lifts it all away,leaving your carpet clean and fresh.BISSELL's Heatwave Technology providesconstant heatto help maintain the water temperature throughoutthe cleaning processWhenever the tank becomes full, just emptythe dirty water into the sink.Refill and repeat as necessary.Carpet Cleaning

When you're all finished, you may wantto do an optional rinse of the carpet withclean water.Just fill the empty bladder with clean water, andgo over the area one more time with a wet pass.Then, do a few dry passes to suction up as much water as possible.This will help your carpet dry more quickly.

The machine is designed with an auto diverter,simply lock the unit in the upright positionto clean with the hose and tools.For cleaning hard-to-reach areas like stairsand upholstery,use the convenient tool attachments to easilyremove spots and stains.Just select a tool and attach it to the hose,and you're ready to clean.

After cleaning, a few simple maintenance stepswill help keep your machine working its best.Rinse out the 2-in-1 tank with clean water.

Check the red filter and clear away any debris.Easily remove the nozzle to rinse it, andclean any debris from the brushes.The machine stores easilyso it will be ready for you to use the nexttime it's needed.With BISSELL carpet deep cleaners,you can enjoy clean carpetswith professional style results.For more tips, or to view BISSELL products,check out bissell.com.

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